Drip, drip, drop little April shower – we’re officially a quarter way through 2021 and to be honest, the weather’s a little bit hit ‘n’ miss (as we type there’s actually sun AND snow outside the window). But despite the unpredictability, there’s a shimmering mirage in the distance… the lifting of restrictions and better days to come.

Whether you’re heading to the park in your group of 6, chilling on the sofa on a Sunday morning or sitting out in the back garden when the sunshine makes an appearance – we’ve got something special to soundtrack your month. Presenting the Manchester WireList: April Sunshine & Showers – a Spotify mixtape filled with tracks from a range of different artists from Manchester, the North West and a little further afield.

Featuring tunes from Pixey, SLAP RASH, Maddy Storm and Cassia to mention just a few – there’s over 3 hours’ worth of music for you to enjoy, including loads of brand new tunes. What you waiting for? Stick it on shuffle.


Fri 9 Apr
Cat Allan
Published on:
Fri 9 Apr 2021