So the bad news is that the Northern Quarter’s only delicatessen has closed down. The good news is that in its place a new delicatessen has opened, a delicatessen that also serves wine. Lots and lots of wine. Yes, Fyg has perished – but the Smithfield building spot it occupied is now amply filled by wood. Wood Wine & Deli boasts fantastical Scandinavian décor that is mostly made up of its namesake – from tree-trunk bar stools to a simple piece of wood as its outdoor sign, plus the wooden boards so popular among Northern Quarter eateries. The outlet is set to be a place for food and drink lovers to relax all day long – the wine and deli bar opens early and will be serving hearty breakfasts, delicious sandwiches and cheese and meat platters, with over 50 carefully selected wines to pair with any food or mood. Wood looks like a fine addition to the Northern Quarter, and more than fills the gap left by the much lamented closing of Fyg. Head down from Friday to see what they have to offer.

Opens Fri 28 Mar, Wood Wine & Deli, 42 Tib Street, M4 1LA, Mon – Thu 9am – 11pm, Fri & Sat 9am – 1am, Sun 10am – 10pm,

Fri 28 Mar
John Stansfield
Published on:
Fri 28 Mar 2014