Bruntwood Works and FORM are launching a new collaboration: fitness and wellbeing studios integrated into a number of workspace buildings across Manchester, to help ease you back into the workplace whilst placing an emphasis on investing in your physical and mental health.

The first of this partnership, a new yoga studio called RESET, will be unveiled on Monday 17 May at BLOC, the first of Bruntwood’s buildings to undergo redevelopment. This new state of the art studio will include a rolling programme of yoga, pilates and wellbeing-based classes running daily, all designed to help employees blend fitness seamlessly into the working day.

Both FORM – a local fitness brand – and Bruntwood recognise the importance of wellbeing in the workplace and the need for community, especially in a post-COVID world. These new studios will not only be open to employees, but also to the general public, as a way to create a wellness community in the city centre.

Other facilities being integrated into Bruntwood buildings include a REVOLVE spin studio, a bootcamp studio, a RESIST lifting-based studio and one-to-one training facilities. A taster will be hosted by FORM, at Hatch on Oxford Road, on Wednesday 12 April. To book tickets, head here.

Wed 31 Mar, Bloc,
Marble Street, Manchester, M2 3AW
Jessica Cooper
Published on:
Wed 31 Mar 2021