Running at The Lowry on Thu 4 and Fri 5 Apr, the world premiere of brand new production FADE explores the messy intricacies of family, shared memory and home truths, with disability representation and creative access at its core.

Written by visually impaired and neurodivergent Manchester-based actor, writer and creative access director Alice Christina-Corrigan, one of the Lowry’s ‘Developed With’ artists, FADE offers a tender story of relationships and transcendent siblinghood through Cassie and Rubin, an estranged brother and sister who are reunited in their family home following the sudden death of their mother.

As they pack away furniture and keepsakes, the pair begin to unpack their own lives and relationships with one another. Set against a backdrop of shifting timelines, the poignant production dives into sibling allyship while contemplating the lengths to which we’d go to protect our family.

Brimming with subtle yet effervescent writing and backed by an original music score, FADE employs integrated creative access to tell a gentle, intricate and affecting tale about the nuances of family and the messy reality of coming home.

Helmed by a disabled-led team, the brand new show is Corrigan’s second Lowry staging which emphasises Creative Access – the dedicated integration of traditional access devices often absent from conventional theatre, from BSL interpretation and audio description to creative captioning and sensory exploration, ensuring disability representation across every facet of the production.

Ahead of the premiere, Alice said: “FADE is about the depth of sibling allyship and the role our siblings play in moulding our lives. It’s about the comforting silences and the uncomfortable reflection they are capable of showing you. FADE is a harrowing tale of how one decision can alter the trajectory of that relationship forever. As much as the play doesn’t reflect my life, FADE is dedicated to my brother. My accidental twin.

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Thu 4 Apr - Fri 5 Apr, The Lowry,
Pier 8, Salford Quays, Salford, M50 3AZ
, From £10
Wolf McFarlane
Published on:
Mon 25 Mar 2024