If the name Giant Drag doesn’t take you back, you’re either too young, too old, or didn’t spend the better part of the 00s wasting your life at indie gigs. The Drag were never the populist choice though – despite their most popular song, Kevin is Gay, getting heavy rotation on MTV2, they never hit the heady heights of the many bands they often supported, becoming a much-loved niche pursuit with their lo-fi (before lo-fi was cool) garage band sensibility and nonsensical meowing during songs. Despite being founded way back in 2003, this tour is to celebrate the bands second album, Waking Up is Hard To Do – other than debut Hearts and Unicorns, they’ve pretty much been doing a couple of EPs, some demos and some other weird stuff too. Recorded over the course of five years, at this rate we might be waiting a long time for Annie Hardy (pictured) to come back with some more new material – so make the most of this show while you can.

Fri 13 Sep, The Deaf Institute, 135 Grosvenor Street, M1 7HE, 7pm, £10, www.seetickets.com

Fri 13 Sep
Matthew Britton
Published on:
Sun 8 Sep 2013