Take a look at Manchester’s complex underground tunnels from the comfort of your own home. New Manchester Walks are offering an exclusive guided tour of several kilometres of Manchester’s unseen underground history, over zoom. The virtual event will take place on Saturday, 23 January, and again on Friday 5 and Sunday 14 February – and is the online version of what was for years the second most popular walking tour in the country.

Viewers will have an hour and fifteen minutes to explore the subterranean canal, under the cathedral and the city’s biggest World War Two air-raid-shelter. The tour also includes a visit to the atomic bunker, which stretches for four miles under Piccadilly Gardens. Historian Ed Glinert will lead the tour, showcasing research on the city’s underground history, including the attempts to create an underground tube station – and where it all went wrong. New Manchester Walks says participants will get the chance to experience “every nook and cranny without breaking a sweat.” Tickets are available. now ranging from £8-10 and you can buy them by following the link below.

Sun 24 Jan - Sun 14 Feb, From £8
Kate Pilgrim
Published on:
Tue 19 Jan 2021