Start revving your engines – a new motorcycle festival is heading to Manchester that promises bikes, craft beers and all the trappings of barbershop culture.

Due to arrive in summer 2021, Mancunia Motorcycle Festival has teased plans to take over an as-yet-undisclosed area of town to debut a bespoke festival for Northern motorcycle enthusiasts. Promising plenty of BBQ food and collaborations with the city’s indie craft beer scene, the event claims to deliver ‘an experience like no other’ – with inclusivity, progressive values and a community spirit at its heart.

According to the event’s Instagram page, Mancunia Motorcycle Festival will also offer a range of flame-grilled food – from Americana to Korean and Japanese-styles BBQ – all cooked on grills and open fires. Meanwhile, the event will leave you looking sharp via an array of trims, shaves and pampering options available through its celebration of red and white-striped barbershop culture.

While concrete details on Mancunia Motorcycle Festival are slim at this point, their website encourages interested petrol-heads to sign up to their mailing list to be the first to hear about event news and ticket releases. You can do that by following the link below.

Fri 4 Jun, Venue TBC
Simon Bland
Published on:
Fri 4 Jun 2021