An online workshop introducing the basics of Islamic art is coming to MACFEST 2021 – the Muslim Arts and Culture Festival, packed with over 70 exciting events. The workshop, led by the internationally renowned calligrapher Samir Malik, is set to guide people taking part into writing in beautiful calligraphy and how to use it to explore the religion of Islam further.

The festival itself aims to bring both Muslim and non-Muslim communities together, breaking down social boundaries, meaning anyone can take part and join in on the workshop, so don’t miss out. The workshop will take place on Tuesday 23 March at 6pm and tickets are available now from just £5. To book yours, head here or visit our recent guide to explore more MACFEST 2021 events.

A Manchester Wire Partnership post
Tue 23 Mar, Online, From £5
Olivia Handley
Published on:
Thu 18 Mar 2021