It looks like longtime local favourite Panchos might have a new challenger for the title of best Mexican in Manchester – though if you have a pop at el King, you’d better not miss. Changos Burritos is now open on Oxford Street – the result of one man’s journeys through South America, some experiments with chipotle and a desire to given the public something different than a sandwich meal deal for dinner, we imagine this should be hoovering up diners from nearby Whitworth Street in no time. The menu includes the signature Changos Burrito (Chicken, Slow-cooked beef, pork, chili and a rotating vegetarian option being the options for fillings), Chili Con Carnage, Nachos and… well, not much more, as they aim to keep things simple. What really catches the eye is the Mexican Jarrito – a refreshing beverage, served in pineapple, mango, mandarin and lime, though sadly not included in the £4.95 meal deal.

Open 7 days (full times not yet published, though lunch is a safe bet), Changos Burritos, 91-93 St James Building, Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 6FQ,

Matthew Britton
Published on:
Mon 17 Jun 2013