One of the annoying things that people who go to India come back with is stories about the Holi festival – that ‘festival of colour’ which seems to be featured on adverts for every new camera, where people throw bright paint-like powder at each other. “You’d never get anything like that over here” is the pithy line they usually finish their gap year stories of Holi with – except, well, now we do. The Colour Run is a 5k run with a difference – at the end of every kilometre, you’re showered with a colour. At the finish, it’s a bit of a free-for all too (which should be amazing for photos), but if you’re just interested in having a little bit of fun and don’t want to worry too much about beating your personal best (if you’ve got one) then book in quick. The only rule is to wear a white T-shirt – which is largely so the powder paint shows up better, anyway.

Sun 21 Jul, Etihad Campus, M11 3FF, Various times, £25 (£23 as part of a team), Entries close 7 Jul,


Sun 21 Jul
Matthew Britton
Published on:
Wed 3 Jul 2013