Like a Terminator Slim Shady, Sham Bodie is back, for it’s 9th outing at its wonderful home The Castle.  So what treasures will be exchanged for your seven pound coins this time? Firstly, the stage is to be graced by Hollywood mingler and professional thespian, Randolph Tempest, to bring a touch of class and culture to proceedings. ‘The funniest Manc on Twitter’, Danny Sutcliffe will then be released from the shackles of 140 characters into his natural habitat, before  Cassie Atkinson will then morph into some of her various guises to add a bit of character based hilarity. The music this time comes from Taylor and the Mason, with their lush and folky tunes adding some melodic goodness to all of the shambolic comedy. Of course if none of that seems appealing to you, you can also play ‘Smug Bullseye’ which will be on offer during the course of the night. It has yet to be confirmed whether or not any speedboats will be available to be won, but we can all say a little prayer before Thursday.

Thu 4 Sep, The Castle Hotel, 66 Oldham Street, M4 1LE, 8pm, £7,

Thu 4 Sep
John Hutcheon
Published on:
Mon 1 Sep 2014