Laugh Local | Chorlton Irish Club | Fri 4 Apr | 7.30pm | £10
Justin Moorhouse presents more of his comedy friends to the ‘burbs with a trio of some of the best acts on the UK circuit. Softly spoken, laid-back Mancunian Mike Newall, Canadian sensation Allyson Smith and one-line machine Gary Delaney arrive at the Chorlton Irish Club to spread the joy. You won’t find a better line-up by venturing into town this Friday night – so why not keep the laughs local and enjoy a four-star treat right on your doorstep. Provided you live in Chorlton of course.

Laughing Calves | The Hough End Centre | Sat 5 Apr | 7.30pm | £5
Laughing Cows’ little sister Laughing Calves takes over the first couple of hours of The Hough End Centre’s Rapture Club with the best new female comedians on the circuit. A chance for you to see exciting new comics presented by the loveliest compere around Kerry Leigh, this night dedicates itself to new comedy from the funniest women, hand-picked by the city’s only Women only stand-up night. Two hours of great new stand-up, followed by a club night – the makings of a great Saturday night.

Sketchole | The Lowry | Sun 5 Apr | 8pm | £10
Manchester’s best and brightest have joined forces to bring you Sketchole, a night of mystery-flavoured comedy from dark minds in a darkened room. Comedians such as Lee Fenwick, Danny Sutcliffe, Phil Ellis and Kiri Pritchard Mclean are aiming to become the UK’s Saturday Night Live with a variety show that is planning an assault on all of your senses, some of them even on purpose. This could be the greatest night of your life. It could also be an unmitigated disaster. One thing’s for sure: it’ll be damn funny. Read our full preview here.

Gein’s Family Giftshop Bargain Basement | Kings Arms | Mon 6 Apr | 8pm | FREE
Manchester’s greatest sketch group welcome Sheffield’s finest Staple/Face for a tete-a-tete that will most definitely end in someone’s death. A free night of experimental sketch comedy from a group that people will soon have to pay a TV license fee to watch. And no one likes to pay that. They also welcome angular, and transcendental genius Jack Evans, a comedian who we could happily watch for hours talk about the weirdest nothings. Which is lucky as he does like to go over his allotted times with his musings on dimensional shifts and brave new monsters. A free night of the city’s most alternative comedy.

Hayley Ellis and Katie Mulgrew | Kings Arms | Wed 9 Apr | 7.30pm | £2
When the Lass O’Gowrie closed down it was a great shame for many reasons – one of which was the loss of the attic theatre that they staged new works by young gifted humans who couldn’t afford to put their performances on a real stage. Thankfully the Kings Arms has welcomed these tireless creators with open arms, especially during Edinburgh preview season as comics try to work out the kinks of their Fringe shows in a friendly atmosphere that best encapsulates the atmosphere of the many backrooms, cellars and make shift stage that they will perform at in Auld Reekie in August. Two such stand-ups are Hayley Ellis and Katie Mulgrew, aiming to take the festival by storm but not without a little practice first. An intimate venue where two of the North West’s best comics will be trying an hours worth of material untried to the common ear, this is well worth a pound per act.

Jennifer Saunders (pictured) | Royal Northern College of Music | Thu 10 Apr | £12
Comedy legend Jennifer Saunders comes, bizarrely, to RNCM for an evening of hilarious stories from her long career in stand-up, on TV, and indeed in Hollywood. A rare treat to see Saunders flying solo and not as part of either her famous double act with Dawn French or some larger theatre ensemble, the show ties in to the release of her autobiography, Bonkers. Guests will receive a copy of the book as well as an evening in her company. Bonus.

Fri 4 Apr - Thu 10 Apr
John Stansfield
Published on:
Fri 4 Apr 2014