This year, our fine city was once again named the UK’s Most Liveable by The Economist. Take that, Norwich. But what actually are the criteria that make somewhere have high quality of life? Is it the buildings or the green spaces between them? The work prospects or the leisure activities? Well, that very topic will be under debate at an event coming up later this month at the Manchester School of Art as part of Design Manchester 2019. Amongst the esteemed panellists there will be: Ben Young, one of the masterminds behind the community-built Pilcrow Pub; Jo McCafferty, co-author of the Housing Design Handbook; and Patricia Brown, Vice Chair of the British Property Federation. Together, they will be fielding questions from the audience, who will doubtless have their own strong views on the subject. The debate is one of the many varied events taking place as part of Design Manchester’s annual festival. There are also exhibitions, workshops, talks, and movies coming up in the weeks ahead. Find out more about their day-long Smart Thinking conference at The Bridgewater Hall here or read our round-up of Design Manchester 2019’s must-see events here.

A Manchester Wire Partnership post
Thu 14 Nov, 6pm, Manchester School of Art,
Benzie Building, Higher Ormond Street, Manchester, M15 6BR
, Tel: 0161 247 1751, £5
A. James Simpkin
Published on:
Fri 1 Nov 2019