And now for something a little more intellectual… Manchester University’s Cafe Scientifique offers free talks and debates every month at Kro Bar on Oxford Road. Boasting speakers such as Jeff Forshaw (Brian Cox’s writing partner in crime) and topics from quantum physics to thunderstorms, this informal, relaxed 21st-century salon welcomes anyone with an interest in exploring the latest ideas in science and technology. This month’s talk is ‘Unexpected Science in a Pencil Trace’, which sounds gripping – an introduction to the science of graphene, the Nobel Prize-winning super-substance invented in Manchester in 2004.

Wed 25 Jul, Kro Bar, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PG, Tel: 0161 274 3100, 6pm – 8pm, FREE,

Wed 25 Jul
Carole Keating
Published on:
Tue 24 Jul 2012