Plans are moving forward for the development of a giant indoor water park resort, complete with a swim-up bar and 116-bed hotel, which could be coming to the Crich Quarry in Derbyshire. After initial details for the Amber Rock Resort were unveiled a couple of years back, a consultation process has recently been launched allowing nearby residents to have their say. The resort also hopes to include 148 floating straw bale lodges situated on the quarry’s lake, climbing walls, a zip-line, shops, a bowling alley, 210 holiday apartments and a sports hall alongside a huge new water park.

These plans to completely renovate the Crich Quarry situated to the North of the village have sustainability and clean energy at their core, with much of the resort relying on solar and water power sources. A website housing full plans for the proposed development project suggests that its primary aim is to preserve the area’s rural backdrop and heritage whilst boosting the local economy. For further details on this exciting new tourist destination, visit the Amber Rock Resort website.

Mon 8 Mar, Derbyshire Quarry
Simon Bland
Published on:
Sat 6 Mar 2021