Take a step back to the 1920s and become a Louise Brooks or Jay Gatsby for the night at Matt & Phreds’ fortnightly Charleston dance class. A symbol of the heady, decadent Jazz Age, the Charleston was the original dance craze to scandalise prohibition-era American society, giving rise to Lindy Hop and Swing Dance later on. Instructors from Jazz Swing Dance (who recently appreared on BBC One as part of the Turn Back Time series) lead two hour-long classes every other Wednesday: one perfect for beginners to learn classic steps like penguin feet and crazy knees; and another for experienced dancers to brush up on their hitchhikers and windmill. As with most dance classes it’s also a great workout, which is a fine excuse to celebrate with a post-dance gin gimlet or two. Bobs, drop-waist skirts and braces optional – but very much encouraged.

Wed 11 Jul (and fortnightly), Matt & Phreds, 64 Tib Street, M4 1LW, Tel: 0161 831 7002, 7pm – 9pm, £5 for one class, £8 for both, www.mattandphreds.com/diary/charleston-dance-classes-11

Wed 11 Jul
Carole Keating
Published on:
Wed 11 Jul 2012