Coffee, coffee, coffee. For many of us, it’s not just the first thing we think about when we wake up in the morning. A good cup of coffee, be it a V60 pour-over or an instant jobby, can be the foundation for some of the best conversations, crazy ideas and moments shared between loved ones.

If you’re looking to up your coffee game and turn your home into your very own indie cafe hangout, then look no further as we’ve compiled a list of some of the best independent coffee roasters all over the city.

Kobean Coffee Roasters

Small batch speciality coffee roasters, Kobean, are sure to always have something fun and experimental brewing. All about ethically representing coffee farmers from all over the world, Kobean coffee champions a new kind of coffee culture—one that is designed to be brewed at home with friends and family.

With a whole range of vibrant and rare micro-lots including the likes of the newest Ismaeli batch with notes of apricot, almond and caramel or the Finca Oropendula 36HR Anaerobic Honey lot with notes of apple, dark plum, milk chocolate and sweet peanut butter—this will be a cup of coffee like no other.

Super affordable and lovingly sustainable, Kobean Coffee Roasters truly encapsulates their ethos, ‘Products Of Passion, Not Just Profit.’

Passion Fruit Coffee

Passion Fruit Coffee, come for the funky aesthetic but stay for the flavour. Widely known as one of the best indie coffee roasters in the city, Passion Fruit stocks a huge selection of beans and caters to everyone.

From a lovely Finca Los Olivio CO2 decaf batch with tasting notes of caramel and milk chocolate to some of the nicest filter coffee ever that’ll make even the sternest latte lover switch to black coffee; the Los Pinos with a fruity aromatic, chocolate and winey mouthfeel—you’ll definitely find the brew for you.

Be sure to head to Chorlton to check them out in person over at Quiosco—the super-cool pop-up that will satisfy all your homely desires. From freshly-baked goods to the creations of independent artists—why not indulge a bit the next time you need to stock up on coffee?

Blossom Coffee Roasters

With an emphasis on making good coffee simple whilst still being exciting, Blossom Coffee Roasters are a brilliant choice if you’re into sustainability just as much as speciality coffee.

Using 100% renewable energy at their roastery and with 100% fully recyclable packing, this is definitely the future of coffee.

Seeking to encourage customers to get on board with a movement that will not only help to protect the future of coffee for many generations to come, but will also provide you with a jazzy cup of java—be sure to check out Blossom Coffee Roasters the next time your Nescafe runs out.

Salford Roasters

Making proper coffee accessible since 2016, Nik Storey the founder of Salford Roasters believes that speciality coffee should be for everybody. And, just like our city, he vouches that Salford Roasters is all about inclusivity, vibrancy and passion.

Designed to wow, be sure to check out the Tanzania Manjinja blend with notes of apple and orange peel, but with a delicate finish of dark chocolate and a hint of butterscotch, or the Bukonzo Dream likened to the taste of your favourite box of luxury chocolates.

Their roasting approach acts as an ode to Manchester’s innovative industrial past whilst being a brilliant reflection of the city’s modern and fearless future.

Swan Song Coffee Roasters

Perfect for any fellow coffee obsessors, Swan Song Coffee Roasters are definitely the cool kids on the block when it comes to coffee.

Roasting in lovingly selected small batches at the epicentre of cool, Islington Mill Arts Club, the groovy gradient packaging clearly reflects the creative community the coffee is processed in.

With a stunning Colombia Poyayan Sugarcane Decaf with notes of cacao nibs, orange and cherry and a Brazilian Patricia with a milk chocolate, hazelnut and honey taste as just a couple of their amazing roasts, you’ll definitely be transformed into a full-blown coffee connoisseur.

Man And His Dog Coffee

So, you’ve picked yourself up a killer bag of coffee ready to transform your lounge into a retro coffee house. You’ve marvelled at the cool packaging, boiled the kettle and got out your favourite mug.

Why not also learn the tricks of the brewing trade the right way with some independent barista training to match your brand-new bag of independently roasted coffee?

Man and His Dog Coffee are all about making great coffee simple, accessible and friendly. With a key emphasis on the atmosphere, conversation and community that coffee stimulates, this indie barista trainer will help you make the most out of your coffee, no matter what bean or machine you have.

Rhiannon Ingle
Published on:
Mon 25 Sep 2023