Local spirits brand Zymurgorium are looking to bridge the gap between gin and beer with their new tipple, ‘The Cub’.

Beginning life in a shed in Northern Moor, Zymurgorium have spent the last few years pushing botanical boundaries with their eclectic array of innovative flavour combinations.

Now though, they’ve drafted in the help of the historic Cheshire-based Beartown Brewery to create a unique gin that’s also geared towards beer-lovers.

‘The Cub’, a new Tom style gin, is an expertly crafted blend of Beartown Brewery’s sumptuous Citra and Mosaic hops gently distilled and paired with the finest juniper, lemon, lime and vanilla. ⁠

It’s been modelled on the sweeter, lighter style of Old Tom Gin which was a hugely popular style in the late 1800s—a notorious tipple as London’s gin scene was driven underground, drinkers would look for cat-shaped wall plaques, where they would drop a coin in the cat’s mouth and a shot of gin would be dispensed from a tube.

The collaborative effort between two local favourites fuses familiar elements from both distillery and brewery, merging them to create a pour that ticks boxes for both ale and botanical connoisseurs alike.

Bottles of ‘The Cub’ retail for £25, and are available to buy now on the Zymurgorium website.

A Manchester Wire Partnership post
Tue 30 Nov
Bradley Lengden
Published on:
Tue 30 Nov 2021