Edinburgh Comedy award nominees The Delightful Sausage have a new podcast out and it’s absolutely hilarious (more on that here). Called Tiredness Kills, it aims to provide a commentary on all things sleep deprived and depraved. The first episode is out now and features a giant baby, several Bigfoots (Bigfeet!) and an ageing ghost hunter played by comedian Jake Yapp. We asked Christopher-Louise Cantrill and Amy Gledhill what they were listening to in order to get through the lockdown. They did not disappoint.

Dear Joan & Jericha

Christopher-Louise Cantrill: Joan and Jericha surely has to be a contender for one of the funniest podcasts of all time. Created by HRH Julie Davis and the amazing Vicki Pepperdine, Joan and Jericha are a pair of horrendously bad-taste agony aunts. Each episode they get a new clutch of letters from desperate and increasingly bizarre individuals who all receive some incredibly inappropriate and thoroughly filthy advice. As largely improvised you can occasionally hear one of them on the verge of losing it and it’s brilliant.

The Hoovering

Amy Gledhill: This podcast combines my two loves, talking about delicious grub and listening to living legend Jess Fostekew. This podcast is always so charming, authentic and funny whilst also being a vital antidote to diet culture. She has a great taste in food and an even better taste in guests. (Cough. Check out the episode I’m on. Cough.) I was lucky enough to support Jess on her tour of Hench (which was nominated for Best Show at the Fringe) and it really was sensational. When this whole ‘orrible pandemic is over with you must check her out immediately!

Reply All

Chris: I’ve loved this show for years and I’m always thrilled to see a new episode waiting in my feed. Like all Gimlet shows, the level of research is incredible and the production is super slick. In each episode, hosts Alex and PJ explore a different facet of Internet culture and explore all the hilarious, heart wrenching and thrilling ways it’s changed our lives. Wanna dip your toe? Try these episodes: The Crime Machine Pt 1 (#127), The Case of the Missing Hit (#158) or The Case of the Phantom Caller (#104).

Beef & Dairy Network

Amy: You don’t have to love beef and dairy products to love this podcast. This wildly innovative podcast from Ben Partridge is packed with laughs. He has built a world so perfectly and hilariously, he is absolutely peerless. Ben is the earnest host, interviewing a range of characters and investigating all the absurd issues surrounding, you guessed it, the beef and dairy network. It’s beautifully silly and spit your Pepsi out funny, but make no mistake, it’s considered, structured and constructed with loads of care and heart. Chris and I are both huge fans and we recently got to realise our nerdy dream of appearing on an episode. The release of which is coming shortly. I think they’re just trying to get some of what Chris said through the lawyers.


Chris: A podcast all about salacious gossip and ‘orrible hearsay? Yes please! There are big laughs from start to finish courtesy of Joe Wilkinson, Poppy Hilstead and David Earl. They have an amazing list of celebrity guests who all gleefully pitch in and the whole thing reminds me of the sort of tall tales that were passed around the playground. It’s puerile, mucky and if you’re driving a car you’ll laugh yourself off a bridge and be dead.

Radio Lab

Amy: An absolute masterclass in investigative journalism. Covering a wide range of subjects from human interest to niche science, the only caveat being that the story is gripping. Each episode (and there are loads) leaves you breathless and wanting a cigarette. I often catch myself shouting, ‘WHAT!? NO!? That CAN’T be true!’ in the same way Chris responds to any car park tariff over £2 per day. Unlike Chris, this just makes me want more. Like Chris, I have been known to occasionally cry. Some of the episodes are heartbreaking and/or beautifully moving. All of the episodes are filmic and incredible.

Mandatory Redistribution Party

Chris: They merge unnervingly bang-on political insight with comedy, hilarious thought experiments and tutorials which make complex understandable to thickies like me. At the heart of it though are these two odd, super-intelligent and very funny hosts and it’s just a pleasure to listen to them talk about how the world is ending. My favourite recent episode was the Isle of PFI (#32). It’s all about the origins of PFI schemes and it’ll blow your mind.

Not Today, Thank You

Amy: Jake Yapp (who guest stars in our first episode) is a very funny man indeed and his output is prolific. Not Today, Thank You is an amazing example of when work ethic meets genuinely funny bones. It’s a heartwarming listen, especially as Jake has created a real community of listeners who often chip in answering questions, offering suggestions and even creating content. He has managed to make what is technically a one man podcast, into an adaptive, reactive, living, breathing duologue. Incredibly, this doesn’t detract from the level of craftsmanship in the sketches, songs and well considered, charming ‘rants,’ which provide the backbone of each episode. The production values of NTTY would be something to be proud of if you were making one episode a week. Jake puts out an episode every week day, before 9am, and (sickeningly) they’re all spectacular.

Loremen Podcast

Chris: Alasdair Beckett-King and James Shakeshaft investigate, challenge and evaluate folklore from throughout the ages. It’s daft and their dry cynicism is perfect for twee tales of fairies, ghouls and grubby peasants. Alasdair kind of looks like a ghost, whilst you can easily imagine James living under a bridge. Both Amy and myself have appeared as guests in recent episodes too!

John Stansfield
Published on:
Wed 15 Apr 2020