Featuring interstellar Chekhov, profound explorations of digital society through a cold murder case, joyously nihilistic neo-cabaret and more, HOME’s autumn schedule offers another singularly diverse array of incredible productions to ring in its 2022/23 theatre season.

Here are four of the best shows coming to HOME from late September, with 15% off full-price tickets booked before 31 July:

Kin | 27 Sep - 1 Oct | 7.30pm | £10-£24

Presenting ‘a provocative story of desperation and compassion’, Kin‘s follows the epic pilgrimage of Leah, a young girl who left Yemen for Palestine in 1932, as told by her grandson ninety years later. Featuring an international cast performing to a stirring global soundtrack, Kin is a lush, culturally diverse meditation on origins, belonging, identity and destiny.

Things Hidden Since the Foundations of the World | 22 Oct - 5 Nov | 2.15pm, 7.45pm | £12.50

Charting an investigation into an infamous murder and, in the process, interrogating the nature of modern investigation itself, Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World revisits the unsolved murder of Iranian pop sensation Fereydoun Farrokzhad in the context of today’s internet landscape – specifically the global thirst for true crime content – and considers that which is overlooked in a society which presents everything as knowable.

The Cherry Orchard | 2 Nov - 18 Nov | 7.30pm | £10-£20

Adapted by BAFTA Breakthrough Brit Award-winner Vinay Patel, this soaring performance of Chekhov’s poignant classic scatters archetypal Russian melancholy across the cosmos in a story which follows Captain Ramesh and his crew, the latest generation of many to pilot their spacecraft in search of a new home. Upon the miraculously discovery of a habitable planet, Captain Ramesh grows adamant that they cannot leave the vessel, igniting a restless atmosphere which threatens to tip into mutiny.

Bourgeois & Maurice: Pleasure Seekers | 16 Dec - 17 Dec | 8pm | £18-£20

Promising to ‘put the FUN back into our fundamentally pointless existence’, cult cabaret legends Bourgeois & Maurice return to the HOME stage with a gaudy barrage of optimistic abandon featuring show-stopping outfits, inspired musical numbers and an 8′ pinata in a maximalistic embrace of meaningless hedonism.

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Wolf McFarlane
Published on:
Wed 17 Aug 2022