As we all try to endure this period of unexpected stress, uncertainty and social isolation, the wealth of comedy podcasts currently available for free online has never been a more welcome resource. Let’s face it: most of us could do with a bit of levity right now, so with that in mind we’ve rounded up our favourite comedy pods from across the globe that can help put a smile on your face whilst working at home. Enjoy!

RHLSTP With Richard Herring

Voted the best celebrity interviewer by The Guardian back in 2019, comedian Richard Herring has dominated the chat-based comedy podcast scene since his Leicester Square Theatre show debuted back in 2012. Eight years and 267 episodes later (and counting), the comic’s increasingly popular podcast has won Chortle Awards, featured eclectic guests like Stephen Fry, Michael Palin and Grayson Perry and toured the UK for a number of live shows, a handful of which were recorded here in Manchester. Known for firing his trademark Emergency Questions at guests – often leading to hilarious results – Herring’s RHLSTP podcast is released each Wednesday and definitely worth a listen.

The Adam Buxton Podcast

One half of The Adam and Joe Show’s eponymous team, comedian Adam Buxton was the first guest on Richard Herring’s podcast and it wasn’t long before he threw his hat into the chat-ring too. Delightfully rambley and packed full of unexpected guests, Buxton’s show has kept audiences coming back thanks to its insightful conversation and many hilariously homemade jingles, created by Buxton himself. Like most comedy podcasts, this one is released in seasons and is currently enjoying a brief period of downtime. That said, there’s still a wide away of back-catalogue episodes available to listen to online, with guests like Jeff Goldblum, Billy Connoly, Diane Morgan, Louis Theroux and many more to enjoy.

Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend

Despite being a relative newcomer to the comedy podcast circuit (O’Brien’s show only debuted in late 2018), the iconic US talkshow host’s side-show has already cemented itself as a major player when it comes to audio comedy treats. Joined by his assistant Sona Movsesian, Conan invites a wide variety of celebrity guests to discuss their work and – as the show’s title suggests – whether or not they think they can be friends when the cameras and podcast mics are switched off. Will Ferrell kicked things off in episode one and since then O’Brien and his team have welcomed the likes of Lisa Kudrow, Sarah Silverman, Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller, with new guests arriving each week.

The Comedian's Comedian Podcast

Want to find out what makes your favourite comedians tick? If so, then perhaps The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast could be the one for you. Hosted by stand up comic Stuart Goldsmith, this show offers a slightly more introspective look at the functionality of funny, inviting touring comedians and stars of stage and screen to share thoughts on their style and why it works. Sofie Hagen, Elf Lyons and America’s own Janeane Garofalo have all graced Goldsmith’s stage – and you can listen to each of their conversations (and many more) by visiting the show’s Spotify page.

WTF With Marc Maron

Whilst not strictly a comedy podcast per-se, WTF with Marc Maron is hosted by one of America’s most popular and long-standing comics and currently leads the way when it comes to in-depth conversations with recognised names. Having spoken to wide variety of people – from Danny DeVito to President Barack Obama – Maron has carved out his own niche thanks to his finely honed ability to circumnavigate the aura of celebrity surrounding his high-profile guests in order to reach the relatable everyman at their core. Surprising, revealing and often very funny – Maron’s dry wit and dark but all-too-human humour have made his show one of the most popular around. Found yourself with too much free time? Fill it with this. You won’t be disappointed.

Simon Bland
Published on:
Wed 18 Mar 2020