With lockdown now in full effect across the UK, many people will be struggling to fill their time in this dreary period. However fear not – the team behind 2018’s popular Bee in the City art trail have come up with another outstanding way to spend your time outdoors. From the Monday 16 October until Saturday 5 December, Manchester will play host to 50 Windows of Creativity – a new trail showcasing the work of artists and makers displayed in a series of windows, venues, businesses and spaces across the city centre. Each window will have a view of a different form of art, all with a connection to Greater Manchester. And don’t worry about picking the best ones – we’ve done that for you. Read on to start exploring…

Art and Soul of the City | Justin Eagleton | The Printworks

To start, why not view art that encapsulates all that is Manchester? Art, music, culture – these things define our city and this piece by Justin Eagleton celebrates all of the creative industries that have been hit hardest by the pandemic. This digital piece shows an ethereal view of the love, spirit and togetherness that live events can bring to us and can be found in the Printworks.

Justin Eagleton

Cosmos | Atelier Bebop | Selfridges, Exchange Square

This piece is inspired by the autumnal season and depicts the final flowers, blue skies and a green backdrop amongst the fading colours of summer. Showing us that the end of one season can also mean the start of something beautiful, this piece by Atelier Bebop can really lift the mood of viewers. This can be found in Selfridges, Exchange Square.

Atelier Bebob

Enigma | Akse | Little Lever Street

Street art can be found all over Manchester, and this piece – a portrait of Ste Wing by artist Akse – is one of the best. The name explains itself perfectly: this mural is an enigma, leaving the viewer to ponder the life of its subject. This can be found Next to BAB NQ, Little Lever Street.


Manchester – Here and Now | Sarah Connell | Great Northern Warehouse

These framed prints by painter Sarah Connell are all Manchester cityscapes, depicting the changing light, atmosphere and feel of the city as experienced by its inhabitants. It also brilliantly showcases the famous juxtaposition of new and old buildings that Manchester has been made famous for. This can be found in the Great Northern Warehouse, Wesley Barrell on Deansgate Sara.

Sarah Connell

The Seekers | Hammo | Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports

This collection showcases work by Hammo who gives us an insight into his little ‘seekers’ – playful little adventurers that climb over rocks and cross streams, promoting the idea of keeping curious. The pieces show a pop of colour against a dull grey backdrop, signifying a ray of hope in these dark times. This can be found in Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports, Duke Street.


Ben Esson
Published on:
Sun 3 Jan 2021