In the past, we’ve deemed Video Jam ‘one of Manchester’s most innovative nights‘, and we’ll stick with that description here. Teaming up with hot label Baptists and Bootleggers to celebrate the launch of Islington Mill’s incredibly exciting July programme, they once again play with the notions of collaboration and artistic creation. This time, they’ve commissioned legendary German electronic musician Dieter Moebius to carry on his rescoring work from 2011’s Future Everything (where he worked on sci-fi classic Metropolis) and Liverpool based collective – and longtime Pitchfork favourites – Ex-Easter Island Head. Moebius will be working on Psalm II and Psalm III, the much feted works by avant-garde filmmaker Phil Solomon, whereas EEIH will be having a go at Entr’acte, the 1924 classic by René Clar. Also included on the bill are the ghostly sounds of Simon Bullows, new local anti-hype band Horrid and the frightening power of Die Hexen, who’ll each by scoring a 10 minute film of their own.

Thu 4 Jul, Islington Mill, James Street, Salford, M3 5HW, 7pm, £3,

Thu 4 Jul
Matthew Britton
Published on:
Sun 30 Jun 2013