Gambling isn’t just a case of the luck of the draw, you know. There’s a lot more going on than you realise to influence your decision when making a bet. That’s what The Science of Gambling is all about. Held at the Manchester 235 casino, the night delves into the hidden psychologies and mind games within the risky business of gambling. The cabaret-style show also explores scientific aspects of gambling, with talks from psychologist Paul Seager and mathematician Katie Steckles, who study bluffing within a game of poker and the chance of drawing certain cards to your advantage. By the end of the night you’ll (possibly) be a gambling pro and ready to win with your first royal flush.

Sat 22 Oct, Manchester 235, 2 Watson Street, Manchester, M3 4LP, Tel: 0161 660 8545, £6,

Image: jetglo

Sat 22 Oct
Tom Frodsham
Published on:
Thu 20 Oct 2016