Manchester has officially won the bid to become the ACES European Capital of Cycling.

Announcing the news, Manchester Council hailed the award as ‘a hugely significant moment for the cycling movement in Manchester’, adding it was confident that the accolade would act as a springboard for further cycling investment and participation across the city.

The bid, which was a joint effort between British Cycling, Marketing Manchester, Cycling UK, Mcr Active and Tfgm, had been confirmed back in September, coinciding with the long-awaited reopening of the National Cycling Centre.

Ahead of the final decision, the Council and partners welcomed a delegation from ACES to Manchester to showcase what Manchester could offer if it was made the European Capital of Cycling.

The council says it will share more information in the new year about what exactly this title will mean for Manchester and what exciting events will be added to the calendar, as well as how local community groups and organisations can get involved, how we can help build local cycling clubs, and how access to cycling for everyone can be improved.

The Council also sees this moment as an opportunity to see the next generation of British cycling talent developed, opening youngsters up to the possibilities of cycling, and fitting within the “Pedal More in ‘24” ethos this bid introduced.

A new website will go live in January 2024 setting out everything that will be taking place and opportunities to get involved.

Councillor John Hacking, Executive Member for Skills, Employment and Leisure for Manchester City Council, said: “I’m absolutely thrilled that Manchester was chosen as the ACES European Capital of Cycling for 2024.

“We have a hugely ambitious agenda in this city, setting out how we can work with partners and local groups to improve people’s access to cycling and how we can make this one of the primary modes of transport for our residents.

“To be made the Capital of Cycling sends a clear and important message that we as a city are ready to be at the forefront of the conversation around cycling, and what a vital role it plays in the future of Manchester.”

Bradley Lengden
Published on:
Fri 8 Dec 2023