Continuing its successful run into the new year, Bongo’s Bingo returns to the Albert Hall this January, just in time for a spot of spirit lifting. There have been Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Birmingham, Glasgow editions of the new bingo format today. Prior Manchester events have seen quests winning everything from big cash sums to Henry Hoovers. The traditional game is play with ‘rave intervals’, dancing on the tables and much more and even, in some cases, special guests such as David Hasselhoff. Expect the unexpected.

Tue 17 Jan, then weekly until Tue 7 Feb, Albert Hall, 27 Peter Street, Manchester M2 5QR. Tel: : 0844 858 8521, 6pm, £3,

Tue 17 Jan - Tue 7 Feb
Jenny Davies
Published on:
Tue 17 Jan 2017