A BBQ like no other takes place on Tuesday at Manchester’s homage to the capital’s Meat Liquor, Almost Famous burger bar. The five course menu is as eccentric about meat as the restaurant’s owners are outspoken on Twitter. Comprised of bacon sandwiches, followed by tacos, ribs and the F**k Yeah burger, pork will be cut from two roasted pigs cooked over a purpose-built smoke pit, with supervision by local meat-obsessives, the Fire and Salt BBQ Company. Vegetables appear fleetingly in a side of coleslaw. Places are limited. A £5 deposit required and, of course, prior knowledge of the location (shhh… it’s next to Socio, opposite Bluu). The first sitting sold out at 8.30pm so they’ve just released a 6.30pm one.

Tue 21 Aug, Almost Famous, M4 1HP (large Brown Door) £25, www.almostfamousburgers.com

Tue 21 Aug
Alistair Hardaker
Published on:
Wed 15 Aug 2012