As always, a new month means a brand new addition to the Nell’s Pizza menu, an event which is always a cause for celebration.

For May, the New York slice joint has added the mouthwatering Primavera to its menu—a pie influenced by both the tastes of spring, and the classic 1970’s pasta dish of the same name.

A celebration of greenery and freshness, it features asparagus, peas, spring onion and watercress, all of which is sat atop generous clumps of Nell’s house mozzarella blend and Syke’s Fell cheese. For those after a little more oomph, pancetta and burrata can be added as extras, too.

For anyone still unfamiliar with Nell’s, first of all, where have you been over these last couple of years? Second of all, the NYC pizza concept comes from the award-winning team behind Manchester institution Common, who also happen to be responsible for The Beagle and Port Street Beer House—so very capable hands.

Guests can get their hands on the Primavera special, along with the usual favourites like the OG Cheese, Do You ‘Roni Honey? and Original Sausage Material at all Nell’s spots—Common in the Northern Quarter, The Beagle in Chorlton and the Kampus Neighbourhood, where guests can either dine-in, or grab and go from the recently-opened Slice Shop.

You can book a spot using the button below.

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Sun 1 May - Tue 31 May, Nell's Pizza,
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Bradley Lengden
Published on:
Thu 5 May 2022