Darren Nixon brings his site responsive work Coming soon to your screen to HOME; a vast painting that occupies two walls and will dance across them over the course of eight weeks. This immersive exhibit explores the relationship between movement and stillness within painting and animation, performance and film, wall and screen. The outcome of this piece will become the basis of a short-animated film for the Manchester Animation Festival, which will be shown in the HOME cinema as part of Push Festival in the new year. Nixon approaches painting in a unique way, choosing to emphasise the areas the artwork is missing, considering what the piece lacks as important to his process. This site responsive piece is part painting part performance as it shifts and moves across the walls. Come and watch the images unfold around you, somehow teetering between continuous movement and moments of still suspension.

Fri 9 Nov – Sun 6 Jan, HOME, 2 Tony Wilson Place, Manchester, M154FN, Free entry. www.homemcr.org

Fri 9 Nov - Sun 6 Jan
Hannah Brierley
Published on:
Wed 3 Jan 2018