The Mill is a new online newspaper for Manchester, covering politics, culture, crime, business, and new ideas. Unlike Manchester Wire, the site focuses on long-form, news-based stories. Recent coverage includes features about the little-known life of James Watkins, a fugitive slave who came to Manchester in the 1850s, a detailed investigation into how Manchester is marketed to other countries, in particular Hong Kong, and a recent exclusive revealing a major data breach at Greater Manchester Police. The site is funded by its subscribers and was founded by local journalist, Joshi Herrmann. We feel that they offer a complimentary read to ours; long, thoughtful, and slow, as opposed to our site which focuses on what’s on, and what’s happening right now. We thought you might like to take a look. To find out more about The Mill, go their website, and join the email list.

Ruth Allan
Published on:
Mon 12 Oct 2020