With a range of workspaces spanning Ancoats, New Islington, the Northern Quarter and Piccadilly, city centre co-working enterprise Colony offers an incredible array of unique, inclusive and sustainable areas for freelance creatives and large companies alike to cultivate their professional growth in a radically collaborative environment which champions free thinking and new opportunities.

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Beginning as a small, creative group of freelancers in 2017 with a single venue at Jactin House, once home to the mill workers who powered the Industrial Revolution, Manchester’s inclusive business network has since grown into six co-working spaces across the city where members can enjoy a flexible social and professional dynamic, whether you’re a solo freelancer or an employer who wants to provide your staff with a high-quality working environment which can expand as your company grows, with private offices available for larger teams at each site and dedicated meeting rooms for crucial client pitches and group conferences.

In striving to develop supportive, collaborative professional communities in which anyone can creatively thrive, Colony has fostered an all-embracing cultural petri-dish that shatters convention and nurtures free-flowing ideas for individuals and big businesses in a vibrant, unpretentious atmosphere. Built on a core ethos of teamwork, founders Aaron Ezair and Alex Campbell have overseen Colony’s evolution from a single, sustainable boutique co-working space to a broad system of pioneering professional hubs where every voice matters and all workers are welcome.

Far from a standard office or all-purpose coffee shop, Colony provides highly optimised conditions for a regional community of ‘thinkers, doers and creators’ which reflects the rich diversity of our modern society, running a community events programme curated to offer a variety of educational, business, networking, wellness and social opportunities, with highlights including the Colony Christmas Market and Sofar Sounds, as well as regular member spotlights and newsletters, while a team of community-oriented staff work to cultivate a unique sense of camaraderie across the entire Colony family.

colony coworking space

Through a range of initiatives and partnerships, Colony strives to honour a responsibility to sustainability and social equity, continually exploring methods to improve energy efficiency across their spaces. This year alone, solar panels have been installed on the Jactin House roof, while their latest venue, Fabrica, uses solar power to heat its water tanks. Their partnership with local charity Mustard Tree helps to tackle homelessness and poverty across Manchester, operating an array of outreach and support programmes alongside regular fundraising events, including pub quizzes and 10k races.

Colony are looking for freelancers and remote workers who want join Manchester’s coworking community. Throughout December, Colony are offering 50% off co-working memberships. Click here to find out more about this limited time offer.

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Wolf McFarlane
Published on:
Wed 22 Nov 2023