It’s truly never been a better time to be vegetarian. Long gone are the days where menus featured only a scant selection of meat-free options tucked away at the bottom of a long list of meat-heavy dishes. Now, veggie lovers are spoiled for choice with a wide breadth of meals – and flavours – available from almost every restaurant going. Ancoats’ health-focused eatery The Counter House is the latest space to provide a fresh range of meat-free plates, having recently launched a brand new plant-based menu just in time for the New Year health kick.

Located on Cutting Room Square, this relaxed spot debuted in early 2019 under the guidance of Panacea’s former founder Joe Akka, with the aim of offering a health-led alternative to the city’s numerous indulgent options. Step inside and its chilled out, holistic vibe is brought to life visually via its muted tones, green and leafy back wall and light, pop-culture aesthetic. Once seated, the venue’s new menu offers a concise yet varied selection of small plates, sharers and larger dishes that pack a punch whilst going easy on the wallet.

The hot smoked salmon fishcakes (£8) prove an ideal place to start, with their delicate baked flavours perfectly balanced against their accompanying avocado yoghurt and mustard dill sauce. Just enough for two, this small plate starter sets the tone for things to come: a selection of food that’s light yet hearty and free from any post-meal guilt that can sometimes follow a night at a restaurant. When thought turns to mains, the spiced dahl with cauliflower rice, counterbalanced with coconut yoghurt, flatbread and a poached egg (£14.50) is certainly comforting when contrasted with the drizzly January weather, however it’s the southern fried black bean burger (£12.50) that unexpectedly steals the show.

This completely plant-based patty is chunky and filling enough to give anything at Burger King a run for its money, topped with melted cheddar cheese and lathered in a Big Mac-esque sauce. If you’ve still got room for dessert, you wouldn’t go far wrong by temporarily ditching the healthy eating and indulging in the honeycomb-topped sticky toffee pudding and stem ginger ice cream (£6.50) or the claggy peanut butter brownie with raspberry ripple ice cream (£6.50) – both provide the perfect closer for your tip – even if they do go against any healthy eating plans you may have had.

This meal was kindly gifted by The Counter House team.
The Counter House,
35 Blossom Street, Manchester M4 6AJ
, Tel: 0161 414 0065
Simon Bland
Published on:
Wed 22 Jan 2020