We know this is Manchester Wire, but some things are bigger than city divides. So, we leave our self-imposed geographical boundary at the door for a moment (and you can get a coach there in less than an hour), just as those attending the Stand Against Modern Football day in Liverpool will be invited to forget about club allegiances and rally against the high ticket prices, commercialisation and greed that has taken over the sport that has strong roots in the working classes. Kicking off at 3pm on a Saturday (how fitting), the day is based around the question “What can we, as football supporters, do next to take back our game?”. Music comes from Bez and Happy Monday’s tour manager Vince Vega – though they’re the small details. The main thrust of the day is to discuss how we can reclaim the sport – with panels including journalists and activists such as Amanda Jacks (Football Supporters Federation), Nick Miller (Football 365), Tom Hocking (When Saturday Comes), Marc Jones (AFC Wimbledon) and Tony Evans (The Times) among others, it should be a day filled with debate and ideas – and, if nothing else, there are going to be a variety of ales on sale, and someone will likely try and start a kickabout at some point.

Sat 6 Jun, The Black E, Liverpool, L1 5EW, 3pm, £10, http://www.distantecho.co.uk/

Sat 6 Jul
Matthew Britton
Published on:
Sun 30 Jun 2013