To the rest of the population, cyclists can seem like a strange lot – people who enjoy potentially putting their lives at risk just to get to work, who don’t mind the wind and the rain as long as they’re having a decent pedal, who even dress up in lycra just to have a bit of an exercise. But those bikers can be a charitable lot as well, as proved by the yearly Manchester 100 Bike Ride in aid of The Christie. Originally slated to start and end at the National Cycling Centre, football fixtures have meant a re-route, with Wythenshawe Park taking over as the destination for both. This ride takes in some of the finest countryside the region has to offer, going through Northwich, Middlewich and Delamere Forest. You can either go for the 100 mile route, or opt for the still challenging but slightly easier option of 100km. For the hardcore – or just plain mad – there is also the new Off-Road challenge, with either 24, 31 or 37 miles of industrial landscapes, forestry and farmland to be tackled – and all for a good cause.

Sun 1 Sep, Wythenshawe Park, Wythenshawe Rd, Manchester, M23 0AB, 7am/8am, £19, 100 mile: 100km:

Sun 1 Sep
Matthew Britton
Published on:
Fri 5 Jul 2013