On Thu 5 Oct, the Science and Industry Museum offers the opportunity to experience their incredible exhibitions and galleries, as well as a unique audio-visual spectacle and hands-on activities, with a special adults-only After Hours event from 6pm-9pm.

power up at science and industry museum
Experience Virtual Reality at Power UP

Over the course of the evening, visitors can explore the museum’s special exhibitions at their own pace. Tickets for After Hours grant access to Power Up, the ‘ultimate gaming experience’ which features over a hundred different playable consoles with classic titles from fifty years of video games. From Pong to the PS4, grown-ups can settle in for a round of nostalgic childhood favourites before trying out the latest-gen VR systems in a uniquely serene environment.

operation ouch at science and industry museum
Operation Ouch! Food, Poo and You

Visitors are invited to release their inner child in the playful and immersive Operation Ouch! Food, Poo and You, embarking on an oesophagal odyssey through the human digestive system, uniting silliness and science in a fascinating interactive adventure where guests venture through the mouth, stomach and intestines to discover how food is broken down and converted to waste on the ‘poo-duction line’.

microcosmic at science and industry museum
Paul Miller’s MicroCosmic

In the Revolution Manchester gallery, attendees can unwind with a drink while enjoying Paul Miller’s captivating audio-visual artwork, MicroCosmic, which has been specially adapted for this event. Visitors can learn more about the installation, which promises to take you on a journey from the microscopic to the infinite vastness of the universe, with a series of artist pop-ups throughout the evening.

Through giant interactive models and drop-in activities, visitors will uncover the secrets of bacterial communities in the human body with the Microbial Puppet Masters team from the Universities of Salford and Liverpool.

textiles gallery at science and industry museum
Machinery in the Textiles Gallery

Elsewhere in Revolution Manchester, ticket-holders can discover some of the world-changing scientific ideas born in the city, while the Textiles Gallery offers unrivalled insight into Manchester’s rich industrial heritage with a variety of colossal mechanisms on display, backed by the thunderous sounds of the machinery in action. The Experiment Gallery, meanwhile, provides the usual beloved hands-on entertainment, where visitors can play and discover magnetic art, heat vision, shadow walls and more.

after hours bar at science and industry museum

An events bar will also be popping up, selling a range of wines, beers and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the evening.

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Thu 5 Oct, 6pm-9pm, The Science and Industry Museum,
Liverpool Rd, Manchester, M3 4FP
, £8-£10
Wolf McFarlane
Published on:
Wed 13 Sep 2023