What’s the best trick you can do on your bike? The bunnyhop? The slide? Whatever your party trick, you should see the skills pulled off by the UK’s first all-woman bicycle dance troupe. Enthusiasts in the two-wheeled vehicle, The Spokes simply want to promote bicycle riding. They want to encourage its use as a more rewarding, environmentally sound mode of transport and, with that, a kick in the right direction for positive self image and empowerment of women. Here’s a taster of the North West Velo Fest, their annual bicycle festival, taking place right now:

Pow Wow Pedal-Powered Party
Performers wishing to contribute their choreographed movements are welcome at this pedal-powered musical shindig.
Fri 23 May, The Boathouse (Platt Fields Park), Fallowfield, M14 6LA, Tel: 07759 630 487, 8pm onwards, FREE, thespokes.wordpress.com

An all-ages, all-rounder event where you will find live music, theatre, workshops, discussions and refreshments to satisfy the body. Of course many bicycle-based events will be taking place, with the Spokes performing too.
Sat 24 May, Eco Garden (Platt Fields Park), Fallowfield, M14 6LA, Tel: 07759 630 487, 1pm – 7pm, FREE, thespokes.wordpress.com

Ministry of Silly Pedals
This year’s Velo Fest wraps up with an afternoon of events to test your balance with hands-free challenges, slow and three-armed races, pick-up duck and bicycle buckaroo. Hecklers are welcome – so for the sharp-tongued of you, please bring your wit.
Mon 26 May, Whitworth Park, Oxford Road, Tel: 07759 630 487, 2pm onwards, FREE, thespokes.wordpress.com

See the full Velo Fest programme here.

Fri 23 May - Mon 26 May
Edwina Chan
Published on:
Thu 22 May 2014