Half wine-tasting session, half pub quiz, Vinquizition doesn’t look like it’s going to be your usual pints-and-prizes evening at the local. Bakerie has been growing pretty much since the moment it opened, and its Wine Store has become an important Northern Quarter landmark. In among the sea of real ales, it offers an oasis in the city centre for anyone who prefers a glass of claret to a pint of hops. This session promises to offer a level field for both novice and expert wine tasters, asking you to guess what you’re drinking during a blind-tasting… where they’ve actually shown your what you’re sipping beforehand. Confused? We are too, but it’s bound be to a good laugh (and a good couple of drinks, too)

Thu 18 Jul, Bakerie Wine Store, 43-45 Lever Street, Northern Quarter, M60 7HP, 7pm, £7.50 per person, Tickets available in store, Tel: 0161 236 9014, email: info@bakerie.co.uk

Thu 18 Jul
Matthew Britton
Published on:
Sun 16 Jun 2013