Women’s rights in the UK have progressed a great deal in recent decades, but inequality has not been an easy issue to reform. Jane Austen will soon be gracing our bank notes, but only after the disgruntled public expressed disapproval that Winston Churchill would replace Elizabeth Fry – the only female figure currently printed on our cash – as the face of the fiver. Arguably the biggest and most seismic shift in sexual equality came in 1913, when the Suffragettes rallied in Hyde Park. One hundred years later, nationwide centennial walks have been organised in an attempt to pay homage to the brave campaigners of the past, such as Emmeline Pankhurst (pictured), as well as to raise awareness of women’s rights today. For the Manchester leg of Walk For Women, the hosts are Blank Media Collective, who have been running a programme exploring and expanding concepts of feminism. The route will begin at Ardwick Green, before passing through landmarks such as the house of Elizabeth Gaskell, Birchfield Park, Platt Fields and Whitworth Park.

Sat 27 Jul, Starts at Ardwick Green, Hyde Road, Ardwick, M12 6FX, 11.30am, FREE, www.walkforwomen.co.uk, equals@blankmediacollective.org

Sat 27 Jul
Jess Hardiman
Published on:
Thu 25 Jul 2013