Javi Senz’s 2017 documentary film Manchester Keeps on Dancing is now available to stream online – a great new addition to your self-isolation watch list. The documentary is available to stream on DOC’n ROLL TV for just £3.99 with profits put towards supporting the arts and music community during the difficult times created by the covid pandemic. Senz’s film comments on the Manchester dance music scene, starting from when house music first arrived in Manchester from Chicago in the midsts of the 80s, through to the Acid House explosion of 1988 and the following 30 years of its phenomenal impact, landing straight back in the present day, honing in on the ever-flourishing nightlife of Manchester today (well, pre covid era that is).

The film acts as an incredible commentary on a movement that has shaped the social structure and youth culture of Manchester today and even features some rare, never-before-seen footage of the Hacienda and other underground Manchester club locations. Manchester Keeps On Dancing also features interviews and clips of some of the pioneers and legends of the scene, including Carl Craig, Laurent Garnier, Marshall Jefferson, Luke Unabomber, Will Tramp, Dave Haslam, James Holroyd, Krysko and the late, great Andrew Weatherall.

Senz said: “Everyone is going through a hard time right now but music has this incredible ability to lift spirits and unite communities, so it felt necessary to release Manchester Keeps on Dancing online. We all need to support each other in any way we can right now, so all proceeds from the small rental fee will be put back into the arts community to support those in need. Stream the film and you’ll be helping support our scene, at the same time you’ll get to learn about Manchester’s fascinating musical history and listen to some ace music.” Rent the full feature on DOC’n ROLL TV.

Want to keep Manchester dancing? Read our piece on the #SaveOurScene campaign launched by local promoters in support of the Manchester music scene during the covid crisis.

Izzy Trott
Published on:
Fri 3 Apr 2020