Week 53 festival, organised by The Lowry, includes performances by 200 national and international artists over 63 shows and exhibitions. The result is a genuinely extravagant celebration of the arts, taking in everything from contemporary dance and visual art to music, clubbing and immersive theatre. The festival more in store too, with events and performances taking over all the available space within the Lowry and moving into new and unused spaces too. The result is a unique festival that’s a big news in the Greater Manchester arts scenes as the International Festival. Our five must see events include Katie Paterson’s cosmic Syzygy exhibition, immersive dance piece, An Anatomie in Four Quarters, 2Magpie’s unflinching theatrical dissection of the Guantanamo Bay controversy and an exhibition devoted to the Smiths (read our guide here).

We’re lucky enough to be able to offer Manchester Wire readers an exclusive, £5 pass to all the events taking place on Saturday 7 May 2016. This offer includes access to any shows and events taking place as part of Week 53 on this date, subject to availability, plus one free drink and free popcorn throughout the day. Events included in this £5 deal include; immersive, site-specific theatre piece, Handle with Care (1.30pm, 2.15pm, 7pm, 7.45pm, 8.30pm), comedy drama Pilgrim (2pm, 7pm) about an Irishman’s odyssey across America, singular performance piece, Douglas, (3pm), Star Boy Productions (5pm), 100% Salford (7.30pm), a specially commissioned performance / presentation that looks at the human face of statistics in Salford, live performance hybrid Century Song (8pm) created by soprano Neema Bickersteth, and as well as 30 Days of The Smiths (2.30pm) as well as access to art show, Syzygy and, Last Resort (8.30pm), mentioned above. Tickets are subject to availability and House Party club night (10pm-2am) is not included. To book your £5 all day, all event ticket simply sign up to our mailing list in the top right hand corner of our site and email competitions [at] ManchesterWire dot co dot uk with ‘Week 53 Ticket Offer’ as the subject line. We’ll put you in touch with the organisers.

Sat 7 May, The Lowry, £5 tickets including all the shows below, www.week53festival.co.uk

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Sat 7 May
Ruth Allan
Published on:
Thu 5 May 2016