Cats and dogs, Israelis and Palenstinians, Craig Bellamy and John Arne Riise. There are some pairings that just won’t play well together. For a long time this was also true of football and the Northern Quarter – but ever since Tib Street Tavern started showing football, Manchester’s fashionable, exclusive, bearded, creative area has had its dirty secret outed. They like sportz. With the upcoming Trof Trophy featuring all manner of bearded hipsters from the likes of Common, Soup Kitchen and Band On The Wall, it seems the NQ doesn’t just like football, it bloody loves the beautiful game. After the opening of Montpellier’s at the beginning of August they have made a promise to show football, without being a sports bar, and this weekend they launch their own Football Quiz. So test your knowledge of football against the patrons of the café bar on Back Turner Street after the televised event has finished (this week is Man United vs Liverpool, followed by Arsenal vs Tottenham). It promises prizes of food and booze, as well as the prestige of knowing more than your fellow competitors. A quiz of two halves that may leave you sick as a parrot, or at the end of the day, you may be happy with your point. It’s a funny old game.

Sun 1 Sep, Montpellier’s Café Bar, 42 Back Turner Street, M4 1RF, Tel: 0161 832 3146, 6pm, FREE,

Sun 1 Sep
Joshua Gordon
Published on:
Sat 29 Jun 2013