We’ve all been stuck in doors for the better part of three weeks now. The house is spotless, countless odd-jobs have been completed and we’ve all-but exhausted the few quick-hit baking recipes we actually know how to make without burning the house down. However if you’ve still got a culinary itch that needs scratching you’re in luck: Masterchef winner and Wood Restaurant mastermind Simon Wood has shared three of his favourite lunch dishes that you can make from home. By downloading his handy PDF recipes (simply click on the highlighted text), Wood will talk you through how to make mouth-watering meals like Simon’s Simple Pesto (perfect with homemade or dried pasta), his Woodkraft poutine (a self-professed hangover cure) and Simon’s baked eggs with arribiatta sauce. Each of these three meal ideas are taken from Wood’s own cookbooks, with recipe sheets including full ingredient lists and step-by-step instructions on how you can make them at home.

Edward Lane
Published on:
Wed 3 Jun 2020